Silk and wood fans

We present this wonderful collection of silk fans by Hamzah. Made of natural silk and Bocapí wood, the prints are typical of the brand and you can combine them with many of the scarfs that we sell on our website.

Are you looking for an elegant and fresh fan, of a medium size to carry in any of your bags?

It is the ideal accessory for hot days, take it with you anywhere, and you have nothing else to do but take it out and fan yourself when you feel hot. They are light, high quality and generate a lot of air when you fan yourself. In short, the ideal complement for hot days.

Fans are a product designed to cool, and they are incredibly comfortable, lightweight and easy to carry. The main benefit of fans is that they allow you to cool off anywhere, and are a beautiful addition to an outfit. Fans unfold easily and can be carried easily due to their size.

What should you pay attention to when buying a silk fan?

When buying a fan, there are several factors to consider in order to choose a good fan that will last for years to come. Material is an important factor to consider, as fans are made of various materials such as silk, steel, wood and paper. Each material has its own advantages. Also important is the wood used for the manufacture and rodding of the silk. In the case of Hamzah, they have selected Bocapí wood, a wood very appreciated in the world of cabinetmaking for its hardness and reddish tone.

Advantages of silk fans

Silk fans are very popular because of their beauty and elegance. Silk is a very soft and delicate material, and silk fans are usually decorated with paintings on them that can be appreciated. Silk fans are easy to use and lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear.

Fans will keep you fresh at all times, they are an accessory that brings femininity and flirtatiousness to your look.

Along with original designs, these fans are practical and light, being the best choice for summer and hot days of the year.

Islamic art for prints

Hamzah is a brand that was born in Granada, so the inspiration for his prints comes from the monuments of the Al Andalus period. He tells us that from a very young age, thanks to the walks he took around the Alhambra, he fell in love with the designs that decorate the walls of this palace in the form of mosaics and tiles, and he transfers and captures them in his designs and accessories.

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