Pink Silk hand fan Zellige

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Discover our Pink Silk Fan, inspired by the Arabic mosaics and Islamic geometry that grace the courtyard of the Alcazar of Seville. This elegant accessory is a masterpiece in itself, ideal for adding a touch of sophistication and a splash of color to any ensemble.

Crafted from pure silk, this fan captivates with its vibrant pink shade and intricate design, reflecting the rich artistic heritage of the Islamic world. The Bocapi wood, renowned for its strength and aesthetic appeal, forms the robust framework of the fan, ensuring outstanding quality.

With a size of 23 cm, it serves as the perfect accessory for both daily wear and special events. Each fan is meticulously handcrafted in Spain, a testament to precise craftsmanship and a family legacy in fan making that spans over a century.

  • 100% Pure Silk.
  • Bocapi Wood.
  • 23 cm in size.
  • Made in Spain.

More than just a functional item for warm days, this fan is a distinct piece of art and culture, embodying the spirit of Seville and its historic Alcazar.

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