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Green Leather Wallet with Flower of Life Pattern Freila

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This beautiful wallet is made of premium quality leather, and it is a green color. The Flower of Life pattern is engraved on the front flap and back side of the wallet. This makes it a great gift for someone special. It's a perfect fit for your bag.

The leather we have used is natural tanned, dyed by hand with ecological dyes, and heat engraved with the motif of the flower of life. It is made in Spain, and the skins we use come from the remains of the meat industries.

  • Handmade in Spain.
  • Natural tanned cowhide.
  • Hand dyed.
  • Flower of Life pattern engraved.
  • Strap closure.
  • Zippered coin purse inside.
  • 6 card slots.
  • 5 additional compartments.
  • Measurements: 18.5cm high x 9cm wide.
  • Munira Hard cardbox included as packaging.

As it is a handcrafted wallet, it may have small variations in color, may have small wrinkles or scars. 

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