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Red Embossed Slim wallet with Coin pocket Farid

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This slim wallet is perfect for everyday use, with a coin compartment to keep loose change organized. The embossed design makes it a fashionable and smart choice for your credit cards and cash. The soft red leather will get even softer with time and wear, ensuring you get the most out of this product.

Leather wallet with space for cards and pocket for bills along with space for coins closed with zipper.

The design engraved on the leather is inspired by the Arab geometries of the tiles of Southern Spain, in arabesque style.

  • Made in Spain.
  • 100% leather.
  • 4 Departments for cards.
  • 1 compartment for bills.
  • Closed measures: 11 x 8 cm.
  • Closing with leather and clip.
This small wallet is the ideal accessory to use in your daily life, but far from the conventional wallets, the engraving on the leather gives it an elegant touch.

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