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Na´layn Leather Journal Cover Dark Brown

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The depiction of the Na’layn has a special place in the hearts of Muslims since it points to one of the needs of their Prophet which inspires in them the utmost humility towards his high rank.

As a diary, notebook or gratitude journal, our reusable A5 covers will accompany you wherever you go. Made to last, you can refill it as many times as you need, see it age and take on character, yet stay just as reliable as the first day. Using a combination of modern and traditional techniques, thanks to which, we have managed to create a classic product while being elegant at the same time.

The type of leather we use is called full grain vegetable tanned leather. This means that the tanning process is done with natural elements. The result is a durable leather which will last for years. Which is the reason we make a refillable cover as opposed to a bound notebook as the cover will be around for a lifetime! 

Since our product is handmade, you may find slight variations in color as to the one displayed in the images above.

This leather cover includes a hard cover notebook with blank pages. This allows you to keep using the cover for years only changing the notebook with another standard size A5 notebook. 

It's perfect to take with you everywhere you go. See it take on character with time and become even more unique.

- Lined with leather.

- Measurements of the cover: 21,5x15,5x2cm   8,46"x6,10"x,80".

- The A5 notebook we use has blank pages and a hard cover and is from the brand Miquel Rius.

- Packaging: Hard cardboard box you can reuse for whatever you want.

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