Miguel Moreno

Bronze Bull Sculpture with Marble Base

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Our bronze bull sculpture is a stunningly realistic depiction of an animal that embodies strength and virility. Cast in the lost wax method, our reproduction has been skillfully gilded to highlight its natural elegance. We have paired it with a marble base that will anchor it firmly in place. The combination makes for a magnificent gift or focal point for any space, whether indoors or out.

This sculpture is made using a process called lost wax casting. This process is where the model is converted into wax and then melted from the mold in which bronze will be cast. Once the metal has cooled it is cast to remove imperfections and polish. Lastly, the sculpture is finished with a glaze. To finish the process the mold is removed which means only a small number of copies are produced at one time.

This sculpture represents Lidia’s bull. The animal is shown in a starting position, ready to charge.

  • Bronze sculpture made by the artist Miguel Moreno.
  • Marble Stand.
  • Measures: 21 x 11 x 8 cm.

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