Munira Leather

Leather Keyring Alhambra Brown and Blue

€15,00 EUR

To realize the production of this key we have employed and used two types of skin. While one gives shape and strength to withstand the pace of life today, the other is used to truly gain a bright shine and to play to the light. The reason that has been implemented is the result of repeated overlapping geometric forms, along with a combination of stars of different tips. This motif still fills the walls of the Alhambra today. The backdrop consists of a green skin, thus obtaining a unique play of light textures to touch and sight. Easy and comfortable to wear on the hand or in the pocket, we think this little piece of art represents the know-how, design and elegance very much demanded in today's world.

- Premium leather of national origin.

- A detailed draft inspired by the Alhambra.

- The backdrop consists of goatskin.

- Size: 11cm long, 3.5 cm wide.

- Since every piece of leather has its own characteristics and peculiarities, each will always be unique and exclusive.

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