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Tote AR Munira Leather Bag Comares

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To produce this bag we have used two types of premium leather of a national origin. The central strip is of a firm material which provides strength and shape to the bag. With a soft material that ends to form the bag, we achieved a unique touch and comfort feel to the bag. The motif that adorns it, is inspired by the Alhambra Comares room. The material has been embossed according to the traditional school of Granada, in which, after the pattern on the material is cut, embossed and engraved it obtains a unique view to the eye and also a delicate feel. The interior is made of fabric with leather trim, which allows for enough space to carry all everyday accessories. If you are looking for a bag of a large capacity, comfortable and stylish, with which lives up to any situation, then this is your bag.

- Mixture of top quality Spanish leather.

- Black textile leather-trimmed interior.

- Double handle.

- Zip closure on top.

- Double inside pocket.

- Detail engraving inspired by the symmetries of the Alhambra.

- Dimensions: 30 (A) 40 (L) 12 (P)

- Since every piece of leather has its own characteristics and peculiarities, each will always be unique and exclusive.

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