Miguel Moreno

Small Bronze Spanish Fighting Bull Sculpture

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Small bronze Spanish fighting bull sculpture made of bronze, a very durable material. The Bull will make an excellent decoration for your home. The fighting bull has been a staple of Spanish culture for many centuries, being portrayed in art, sculpture, and celebrations around the world.

This sculpture is made using a process called lost wax casting. This process is where the model is converted into wax and then melted from the mold in which bronze will be cast. Once the metal has cooled it is cast to remove imperfections and polish. Lastly, the sculpture is finished with a glaze. To finish the process the mold is removed which means only a small number of copies are produced at one time.

This sculpture represents Lidia’s bull.

  • Bronze sculpture made by the artist Miguel Moreno.
  • Measures: 5 x 15 x 5 cm.

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