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Red and Black Leather BasmAllah Calligraphy

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As the divine message of the Qur’an spread, calligraphy’s main function has evolved into artistically recording and preserving the new revelation, where calligraphers became committed to beauty, balance, and perfect their product in a way worthy of God’s words.

Calligraphy had to turn into a disciplined profession, while its art became intertwined with science and spirituality.

It was no surprise that the popular saying came about:
“calligraphy is the geometry of the soul expressed through the body”.

This piece is tooled, stamped and dyed by hand on natural tanned leather.

Thuluth script. The straight angular forms of Kufic were replaced in the new script by
curved and oblique lines. Various calligraphic styles evolved from Thuluth through slight changes of form.

  • Handmade in Spain by Munira.
  • Measurements: 50 x 60 cm 

This leather wall art painting is made to order, so please note that when ordering, delivery time may be 3 to 4 weeks.

Due to the fact that each piece is handmade there may be variations from the photograph. No two pieces come out the same!

To customize your own design, change colors or choose another frame please contact us

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