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Leather Wallet Zagra Grana

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This wallet is made of the finest leather of national origin. It displays a strip locking system to ensure all of your valuables are safe and secure. The motif is inspired by the symmetries of the Alhambra, whilst the engraving on the skin results in a set of textures. The wallet belong to the Grana collection, so it will be ideal to accompany any of our bags and to complement the collection. The interior contains a rich premium leather, which isn't very common in common wallet and further enhances the elegance of our designs. Our philosophy is to create unique and exclusive products with an elegant design In order for it to be timeless and be sleek. Above all, the quality of the wallet and material ensures that the character is not to be compromised and will shine through all that it withstands.

- Top quality leather with national origin.

- Leather interior.

- Strip and snap closure.

- Interior Departments: Cash compartment, 6 card slots and coin wallet.

- Embossed detail inspired by the symmetries of the Alhambra.

- Dimensions: 14 (A) 9.5 (L)

- Since every piece of leather has its own characteristics and peculiarities, each will always be unique and exclusive.

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