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Leather Wall Hanging Calligraphy Name of Allah Kufic Tooled

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This Leather Wall Art calligraphy has the name of Allah in Kufic script. 

The type of hand tooling that we do is done according to the traditional technique of Granada. It consists of the drawing on the skin in pencil, then it is cut and, with small metal tools and a hammer, it is sort of chiselled, giving it shape and adding details. The end result is truly special.

Due to the type of skin we use which is vegetable tanned, it may have small imperfections typical of the animal's life, such as wrinkles or scars. In fact, for us it increases the beauty of the product, since it tells us about the life that the animal had.

We are therefore proud that both the leather and the dyes we use to create this piece are environmentally friendly. 

  • Handmade in Spain by Munira.
  • Measurements: 46 x 31 cm

Due to the fact that each piece is handmade there may be variations from the photograph. No two pieces come out the same!

This leather painting is made to order, so please note that when ordering, delivery time may be 3 to 4 weeks.

To customize your own design, change colors or choose another frame please contact us

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