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Leather Wall Art Guadamecí Mosq Arch


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Andalucía is renowned for two types of leather work; the Guadamecí and the Cordovan. The Cordovan was mostly used for practical pieces such as chairs, to cover chests, saddles, belts, etc.  

However, the Guadamecí pieces were is strictly decorative and aesthetic. They were characterised by the application of silver and gold leaf on the leather after it had been embossed. High quality tanned sheepskin or goatskin were used.  It was applied to walls, screens, framed pieces, headboards, cushions and also to religious objects. Its name is of an Arabic origin and some say that it comes from the North African town of Ghadamés. 

This piece represents arches on the western facade of the Great Mosque of Cordoba belonging to the expansion that the caliph Al Hakam II ordered to build during his mandate. The double arches consist of a lower horseshoe arch and an upper semi-circular arch. They are known for the alternating of the red and white voussoirs (the wedge-shaped element of the arches). 

-Handmade leather wall hanging.

-Made from top quality sheep skin.

-Measurements: 70 x 60 cm

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