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Leather Wall Art Calligraphy Motto of Alhambra Red

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The Nasrid Motto dominates the architecture canvas of the Alhambra visually, spatially and semantically. The expression “There is no victor but God” (also translates t “God is the only victor” or There is no other victor but God”) outlines door, windows and decorative panels and encircles small alcoves and large halls. In the Alhambra the motto was reproduced mainly in stucco work, but it also appears in wood, and to a lesser extent ceramic, marble and metal.

This piece is made with Spanish vegetable tanned leather meaning that in the tanning process natural elements are used as opposed to chemical. Apart from being more environmentally friendly, the finish is more natural than chromed tanned leather.

The leather may have little marks and imperfections due to scars or wrinkles on the cow's skin.

The dyes are also ecological, and the dye as well as the patina are both applied manually. Therefore, each leather piece is different and each article a unique piece.

- Product handmade in Spain.

- Vegetable tanned cowhide from Spain, respectful with the environment.

- Due to the fact that each piece is handmade there may be variations from the photograph. No two pieces come out the same!

- Measurements: 33 x 18 x 1.20 cm

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