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Leather Guadamecí Medina Azahara


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The guadamecí technique is uniquely used with leather, developed from the south of the Iberian Peninsula under the Arab influence. Some of the Alhambra’s ceilings have been created following this technique.

The word comes from the Andalusian word ḡadamisí, which is a reference to the city of Gadamés, originally known for their work on decorative leather products. The distinctive character is the layer of silver that lays on top of the carved leather, which is added afterwards.

Guadamecí was used traditionally to decorate the interior of buildings. The main function being to cover the walls of houses, although it was also used to upholster floors, decorate furniture, form parts of the front of altars and to adorn book covers.

The wall hanging is made using the decorative patterns of Islamic floral designs. These patterns are characterised as ataurique, geometric designs inspired by stems and leaves of plants.

- This is handmade in Spain using high-quality bovine leather.

- All the materials used are of natural origin and are not harmful to the environment.

- Measurements: 57cm x 37cm.

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