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Leather Wall Art Guadamecí Geometric Blue


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Andalusia is known for two types of leather work; the Guadamecí and the Cordovan. The Cordovan technique was used mainly for practical pieces such as chairs, to cover chests, saddles, belts, etc.

However, the Guadamecí pieces were strictly decorative and aesthetic. They were characterized by the application of silver and gold leaf to the leather after it had been engraved. High quality tanned sheep or goat skins were used. It was applied to walls, screens, framed pieces, headboards, cushions and also to religious objects. Its name is of Arab origin and some say that it comes from the city of Ghadamés, in North Africa.

Embossed leather framed piece made following the guadamecí technique. The motifs depicted are inspired by Islamic geometric patterns found in Al-Andalus.

- Product made by hand in Spain. Made with top quality sheepskin.

- All the elements used are of natural origin and not harmful to the environment.

- Measurements: 49 x 36 cm.

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