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Leather Wall Art Decorative Guadamecí Mosque Arch


The guadamecí is a leather working technique, developed in the city of Cordoba under the Arab influence dating back to the VIII century.

The term comes from the Andalusian/Arabic word ḡadamisí, which refers to the name given to the city of Gadamés, a town in Northern Africa, that was formerly specialized in the production of decorated leather articles. The main characteristic of this technique is that a silver or gold leaf layer is added to the embossing of the leather, which is then worked on.

The guadamecí was traditionally used to decorate the interior of buildings. Its main function was to cover the walls of the houses, upholster floors, decorate furniture, it was also used for religious purposed such as the fronts of the altars.

This beautiful framed leather piece is inspired by one of the lobed arches found on the façade of the Great Mosque of Cordoba. 

- Product made by hand in Spain. Made with top quality sheepskin.

- All the materials used are of natural origin and not harmful to the environment.

- Measurements: 73 x 60 cm

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